Uplevel Digital: Founder & CEO

About Tom Kitti

Crafting Digital Success Stories with Unmatched Expertise and Dedication.

Meet Tom Kitti: a seasoned web designer and digital marketer with over 20 years in the industry. Since 1997, he’s been crafting websites and aiding businesses in the digital sphere. In 2010, he founded LMBoost, which morphed into Uplevel Digital in 2020 to embody his dedication to constant improvements and high-quality results.

With a deep understanding of SEO and a wide-ranging client base, Tom mixes business savvy and relentless improvement. He champions content marketing as today’s SEO heart, aiding organic growth and fostering meaningful audience connections. His goal? Collaborate with businesses that value content marketing’s enduring impact.

Partnering with Tom’s team at Uplevel Digital gives you access to a devoted professional who prioritizes your success. With passion, experience, and unwavering commitment, he’s set to transform your digital presence. Using his technical prowess and an entrepreneurial spirit honed from his family business, Tom tailors solutions for diverse industries, optimizing your digital presence through powerful content marketing.

Tom Kitti - Uplevel Digital

Personality and Outlooks

Self Motivated97%
Get Better Everyday100%
Positive Mindset99%
Constant Learner98%
Fitness Level76%
Family Oriented100%
Take Ownership & Responsibility100%

Fun Facts about Tom

Favorite Movie

Terminator 2

Favorite Book

Atomic Habits

Preferred Music Genres

HipHop and R&B

Favorite Video Game